Providing a platform for creatives + freelancers
to market their services.
Indexed is a mobile platform designed to create a space for creatives and freelancers of all sorts to market their skills, talents, and services; as well as a one-stop shop for nearly every profession/craft.
Today, creatives are spread out. They're either advertising themselves through an agency, thier social media account, on a medium (if the medium acknowledges their craft as a "freelancer"), or through referrals and recommendations/word of mouth. Wouldn't it be easier if there ws one platform made available where you can find both that photographer you need for your shoot this weekend and the mobile developer for your latest app idea? What if we told you that you can find a new barber/hairstylist, doctor, party from a party promoter, technician, mechanic, dentist, graphic designer, and any other profession you can think of, all on the same platform? Download Indexed today from the App Store & Google Playstore.
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